1. Allahumma baarik, a beautiful khutbah on the very core of this deen that distinguishes it from other religions.
    – What exactly is Tawheed Uloohiyyah
    – The mushriks whom the Prophet was sent to believed in Allah, so why did they not enter Islam?
    – Uloohiyyah and its connection to the true meaning of La ilaaha illAllah
    – Muslims who say La ilaaha illAllah and worship others beside Allah – are they establishing Tawheed Uloohiyyah?
    – The danger of being upon the way of your forefathers who were upon error.
    – Encouragement to study Aqeedah and change yourself if you were not aware of this fundamental.

  2. Hayak Allah ya ahki. MashAllah very beneficial reminder.
    Keep up the khairaat and may Allah bless you and and accept all your efforts.

    Your brother asad miah
    From north London uk

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