The creed of the Rāziyayn by Shaykh Khālid al-Dhafirī

Lecture series with Shaykh Khālid al-Dhafirī (Kuwait), cover the famous work ‘Aqīdatur-Rāziyayn’. Translation by Abu Hakeem Bilāl Davis.

Part 1:

Part 2 (Including short advice from al-Allāmah Rabī’ ibn Hādī hāfidhahullāh):

Part 3 (Including short advice from al-Allāmah ‘Ubayd al-Jābirī hāfidhahullāh):

Part 4:

To be continued insha Allaah…


  1. Maasha’allaah, excellent lecture! I am still on the first one listening to it over and over again! So many beneficial points …. So many insight! So many things to reflect upon. Alhumdulillaah for our mashaykh, may Allaah preserve them.

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