The Companion For Whom The Throne of Allaah Shook, Sa’d Ibn Mu’aadh, by Abu Khadeejah

Sa`d b. Mu`aadh (radiyallaahu `anhu) was from the beloved Companions of Allaah’s Messenger (salallaahu ‘alaihi wassallam). Upon his death, the Throne of Allaah, the Most High shook. Sa`d stood firm upon the path of Allaah, steadfast upon Tawheed and worship. He aided and supported the Religion until his death which was attended by thousands of Angels from the Heavens. This beautiful, heart-warming khutbah was delivered by Abu Khadeejah in February 2014 at the Salafi Masjid in Birmingham.

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  1. Mashallah la quwatta illa billah this was a talk which softened my heart and helped my ailing soul.
    Thank you.

  2. Ya Allah, bless abu khadeejah. I find his lectures and talks bringing me closer to you. Ya Allah bless him and preserve him with good health so that mankind can benefit.

  3. ما شاء الله
    قد جعل الله لنا قريبة من تلك السلف الصالح . ويجوز له الله ارزقنا الثبات على السلفية . قد الله خيرا المنشورات السلفية في برمنغهام، ونشر الدعوة . أنا أعيش الآن في المغرب فاس افتقد صحيح هؤلاء الأخوة . قد الله خيرا لهم و الاستفادة لنا للاستماع والتصرف وفقا

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