Reflection Upon The Qur’aan By Abu Idrees

Sermon at Masjid as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah, Aston, 21/11/14.

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  1. MashAllaah ta Barakallhu ta Ala may Allaah grant Ahlussunnah with khaira and unite us and protect us from His enemies. This talk increased the iman and made the heart tear jazakallahu khaira for the reminder. it hurts when one realizes how much his heart loves the dunya by way of being fooled and attracted to its glitter and comfort.

  2. Ibn Masood said that Hearts are like vessels (i.e. it absorbs & fills as a vessel is filled) so busy your heart with Quraan, otherwise your will busy yourself other than that. Mashaa’ Allaah, excellent reminder, it also throws light how ourself were with Quraan.

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