Patience In The Face Of Afflictions by Abu Idrees Muhammad

A beautiful khutbah delivered by the noble brother Abu Idrees (hafidhahullaah) in December 2008 at the Salafi Masjid in Birmingham. The lecture title speaks for itself – afflictions strike every person from time to time, some more severe than others. So how does one behave? How do you sustain and maintain patience, and earn the reward and grace of Allaah? Listen in:

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  1. Assalaamu alaykum May Allaah reward all those who made this talk possible Aameen. Very beneficial especially in these days and times but especially today for me. Alhamdulillah.

  2. As-Salaamu Alaikum wa-Rahmatullahi wa-Barakatuhu, this talk has been of such great benefit for me, as I am struggling with a difficult challenge in my life at this moment. I have listened to this talk over six times and every time I listened, I got something new to reflect on.

    I love Allah more and more each day and I also love the Prophet, salallaahu alaihi wassallam more and more each day. I’m grateful that Allah made me Muslim and guided me to this beautiful deen. I was lost, so lost and He favored me and made me Muslim. A day does not go by that I’m not being tested. I’m grateful for all the test that have come to me good and bad because they have brought me closer to Allah. Some were small and easy and other were huge and extremely difficult. Alhamdulillah!!! I got through each test by the Favor and Mercy of Allah. Each test drew me closer and closer to Allah and our beloved Prophet, salallaahu alaihi wasallam.

    I’m grateful for each and every test that has been put on me. Every test taught me a valuable lesson and made me stronger in my deen. After listening to your talk over and over again, reading Quran, being patient, and making extra prayers seeking Allah’s help; I still find myself struggling on and off with this test. I will not abandon my test until Allah puts it in my heart to move on.

    You talked about being in a good state when the calamity hit. Alhamdulillah I was in a good state and this has been my saving grace. I love this deen so much that when a test comes to me, I remind myself that Allah Loves me and for this reason and this reason alone I gain strength and patience to take on the challenge.

    Jazakallahu Khayran for this talk, may Allah preserve you, ameen.

  3. Masha Allaah a truly beneficial heart softening lecture by our brother Abu Idrees. May Allaah bless all the brothers at masjid as salafi. Ameen

  4. Asalam aleikum warahmatulahi wabarakatu
    Very powerful lecture that brought me to tears. I recommend that anyone going through trials to listen to this lecture. I also recommend others so listen to it so that if they are afflicted with trial then they will be better prepared to deal with the trials.
    May Allah reward our brother Abu Idrees and and all the brothers who have placed efforts to avail these lectures to us. May Allah place there efforts in the mizan ulhassna.

  5. What an amazing lecture. One of the best lectures I’ve heard on patience. Amazing narrations from the scholars.

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