Madinah Conference 2016: Amazing Advice From Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee

An amazing advice, filled with benefit, from the al Allaamah, Muhammad bin Haadee al Madhkhali.

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  1. A wonderful talk by our father, sheikh Muhammad bin Hadee. Actions must be sincerely for Allah, ta’ala and they must be in accordance to the Sunnah. We must stick strongly to the sunnah with our arms and molar teeth. We must differentiate ourselves from the disbelievers in everything. We must seek knowledge from the scholars and their students. Lastly we must make things easy (but not like the Muslim brotherhood); we must be affable in accordance to the hadith. It really was a very beneficial talk. Also, I would really like to give me deepest thanks to you all at spubs for making this talk available. I wanted to go with you all to the umrah but I was unable to. Jazakam Allah khairan. May Allah ta’la easily give you the highest levels of Jannah.

  2. الحمد لله, It was very beneficial. It wasn’t long ago that I was on the path of the khawaarij, except that Allaah saved me becoming amongst the destroyed, by way of the Ad-Da’wah as-Salafiyyaah; and to Allaah ta’alaa belongs all praise. May Allaah give us thabaat (firmness) upon this path until we meet him, Ameen. BaarakAllaahuFeekum.

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