Islamic Practice and Imitating Non-Muslim Cultures by Abu Khadeejah

A lecture by Abu Khadeejah on what it means to hold on to our Islamic heritage and the dangers inherent in abandoning the practices of Islam in favour of non-Muslim modern culture, and its effects. Must listen. 

Islamic Practice and Imitating Non-Muslim Cultures.

Khutbah at Masjid as-Salafi, 27/04/18.

Please leave a comment below describing the contents of this talk and how you benefited. This will help others and it is your way of aiding the da’wah.


  1. The khutbah concerns the importance of adherence to the religion, fleeing from modeling oneself and thereby society upon what the kufar adhere to. Mother’s Day, Diwali, National Day and the like become more known, more beloved than what is in Islaam and the people replace the good with what is inferior. It is also emphasized to conduct oneself with kindness and modesty, showing the kufar the beauty of the religion, not being hateful nor having ghuluw.
    The benefits are innumerable, but to me, the best was the reminder that by my actions, my words, I give daw’ah and not just as much as any formal da’ee and I must conduct myself accordingly.

  2. I really enjoyed this lecture, Alhumdulillah, very useful information! Also a reminder of what’s taking place before our eyes, may Allah protect and guide us upon that which is pleasing to Him and upon that which will benefit us in this world as well as the Akira.

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