“If You Have No Shame, Then Do As You Wish!” – By Abu Fuḍayl ‘Abdur Raqīb

Abu Fuḍayl ‘Abdur Raqīb

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creation—and may He extol the Messenger in the highest company of Angels, and grant him peace and security—likewise to his family, Companions, and true followers.

[09/06/2023] “If You Have No Shame, Then Do As You Wish!” – By Abu Fuḍayl ‘Abdur Raqīb حفظه الله. Khutbah at Masjid Salafi, Birmingham, UK.

Some points discussed during this Khutbah:

  • Reflecting upon the need to improve as servants of Allāh and constantly check ourselves.
  • A fundamental, distinguishing characteristic of the believer by way of which he is able to safeguard his dīn, dunyā and ākhirah.
  • Proof that the previous Prophets and Messengers also advised their people with having ḥayā (modesty/having a sense of shame).
  • Shaykh Fawzān (حفظه الله) on the fruits of ḥayā.
  • Two understandings of the statement of the Prophet ﷺ, “If you have no shame, do as you wish.”
  • Ibn Rajab (رحمه الله) on the two types of ḥayā.
  • Aḥādīth regarding the great virtue of ḥayā.
  • The ill effects of not having ḥayā.
  • Shyness in front of Allāh and in front of the people, and aḥādīth in this regard.
  • Allāh’s covering of the sins of the believer in the dunyā and His Forgiveness in the ākhirah.
  • The removal of ḥayā due to sins.

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