How The Salaf Raised Children With Respect & Honour by Abu Khadeejah

How The Salaf Raised Children With Respect & Honour by Abu Khadeejah

Many people ask the question: How did the early generations of Islaam raise their children? How are we to raise our children with honour and respect? Well in this lecture Abu Khadeejah gives clear examples of how the Salaf would nurture and cultivate their children. He gives practical steps on how this can be implemented in our times. After all, we all want our youth to be righteous, truthful, honourable and respectable.

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  1. May Allaah reward the speaker and every listener, and enable us to implement this knowledge in our actions. A wonderful insight on how to raise children with honour and respect, as the Salaf did. Children raised on these standards are extraordinary and their character and actions inspire and motivate even those above them in age. A brother shared this lecture with others on a WhatsApp group and it was widely appreciated there. A suggestion – Parents, teachers, human beings, listen to this lecture! As always, all praise is for Allaah.

  2. Jazakallah Khaira
    For reminding all of us from the Salaf our responsibilities which most forget bcos busy with “dawah”, Work etc etc.
    Alhamdillah Spubs you”ll doing this day after day , year after year and proetcting and warning the evil of Men and jinn especially english speakers worldwide.

    May Aid all of us

  3. What an excellent dars and encouragement to all muslim parents! East or West based, any muslim parent who speaks English can benefit from this great lecture.

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