“Fear This World” by Hasan as-Somaalee

A tremendous lecture (khutbah) delivered by Hasan as-Somaalee in 2004 in the city of Philadelphia, USA. One of the most inspiring admonitions in the English language. Many who have listened to this lecture have stated that the words really hit home! What is your goal? Is it to enjoy the pleasures of this world? Are you trapped and can’t see a way out. Then click play and listen in.

“Fear The Dunyaa” by Hasan as-Somaalee

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  1. All time favorite lecture. One of the best reminders for the akhira,death, and the entity of this world. If you a need a reminder that encompasses everything, then this is the lecture.

  2. Bismillaah
    As Salaamu Alaikum
    May Allaah reward brother Hasan as Somalie. This is one of the best reminders I have ever heard. In shaa Allaah I will be posting this everywhere and sending it to everyone I love.

  3. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    The first ever lecture I listened to in my life. Alhamdu Lillah Allaah decreed that this reminder was a means for my guidance. May Allaah reward Hassan as-Somali, this lecture truly hit my heart and was a huge wake up call.

    May Allaah keep us firm upon Quran and sunnah.

  4. Assalam u alaikum
    A great Inspirational lecture by our noble brother.Value points of benefit.
    May Allah make it easy on all of us

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