Establishing An Islamic Home In Europe – Lecture With Markaz Alhoeda Wa Noer (Rotterdam/Netherlands) – By Abu Khadeejah ‘Abdul Wahid

Abu Khadeejah ‘Abdul Wahid

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creation—and may He extol the Messenger in the highest company of Angels, and grant him peace and security—likewise to his family, Companions and true followers.

[11/03/2022] Establishing An Islamic Home In Europe – Lecture With Markaz Alhoeda Wa Noer (Rotterdam/Netherlands) – By Abu Khadeejah ‘Abdul Wahid.

Some points discussed during this lesson:
– Instances where the Messenger ﷺ singled out the youth.
– Following the example of the Messenger ﷺ in how we should focus on the youth.
– The responsibility of parents before Allāh regarding the cultivation of their children.
– The effect of parents setting the example by being obedient to Allāh and staying away from disobedience.
– Cleansing the home from anything that would be a means of misguidance for our children.
– The consequences of not properly fulfilling the responsibilities over our children.
– The importance of educating our children regarding the affairs of the dīn.
– Teaching the youth about the lives of the Prophets and Messengers and the Companions so they take them as examples to be followed.
– The dangers of sending our children to state schools and remaining in non-Muslim lands.
– Connecting the youth to the scholars and students of knowledge.
– The importance of building an Islamic library in our homes and seeking knowledge with our families.
– Returning to our Muslim heritage lands.
– Teaching our children to seek their sustenance in moderation and not compromise their religion.

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