Don’t Give up in Ramadhaan by Abu Khadeejah

A Jumu’ah khutbah wherein Abu Khadeejah exhorts the congregation to strive in this blessed month of Ramadaan and not to lose out on its immense rewards. He also mentions an important admonition concerning Syria and the so-called Jihaad that the extremists are calling the youth of Europe to participate – Abu Khadeejah speaks in defence of the Salafi Methodology that opposes such calls.

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  1. Maa shaa allaah. Very beneficial speech at this time. May Allaah azzawajal rewards our beloved brother AK. Aameen.

  2. maa shaa Allah ta’aala is from our manahj that we do not maind the blame of the blamers.keep on the naseeha ( Advice) barakallahu feeka. ALLAHUMA TAQOBAL SSYAAMANAA

  3. Jazak’Allah khair brother Abu khadeejah.
    We are listing to you here from Denmark
    Barak’Allahu feek

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