Children and Parents, Conflict or Harmony? by Abu Khadeejah

Good cultivation reduces teenage conflict

A highly beneficial lecture, delivered at the Masjid as-Salafi, (Birmingham/UK) Youth Event 2008. Abu Khadeejah spoke to the youth regarding their relationship with their parents. Excellent advice for all.

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  1. Jazaak Allah khayr for this tremendous extremelly motivational lecture. I like to listen to it from time to time coz it serves a great purpose of reminder. Truly inspiring. Baarak Allahu feek

  2. Great reminder about the rewards and punishments in regards to the parent’s rights! May Allah bless Abu Khadeejah and his family.

  3. May Allaah bless Abu Khadeejah for reminding me of my shortcomings and inspiring me to please Allaah by pleasing my parents.

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