A Strong Word Against Lying Upon The People of Truth by Abu Khadeejah

Beneficial khutbah at Masjid as-Salafi (04/09/15) based upon the advice of the Allaamah, the Shaikh Rabī’ ibn Hādī al Madkhali hāfidhahullāh.

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Here’s part 1 to this khutbah:

“Shaikh Rabee’ advises the students of Ibn Baaz”


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  1. Subhana Allah! It is so true, the people of hizbiyah take to attacking through slander and tale carrying with regards to the duat of Salafiyah here in the UK. However, this is not surprising since we see these same hizbees displaying ill manners and malice towards the scholars of Islam and Salafiyah. I recall a considerable number of years ago when there was there fitna of Hasan al-Marabi then the people of hizbiyah (although I didn’t consider them to be that at that time) had beguiling speech, such as ‘we are people of evidence’ and other such statements. However, in reality this was a cloak for refusing to accept the statements of the scholars in cases of disparagement. Further to this they would accuse the brothers at maktba Salafiyah of being ‘extremist’.

    Having been blessed in that I travelled to KSA and resided there for a number of years I had the benefit of meeting Shaykh Ahmed An-Najmee and Shaykh Abdullah Al-Ghudyan (May Allah have mercy on them both). Shaykh al-Ghudyan would give regular classes for the western expat community which would be translated by the duat there in Riyadh, such as Mustapha George (may Allah be pleased with him). It was these same duat who were with the scholars of Islam and Salafiyah who attested to the uprightness of the brothers at maktab as-Salafiyah.

    How history repeats itself. Today we have a group of mainly youth who are quick to slander the duat here in the west with the likes of that which causes one’s heart to feel revulsion towards the slanderer and pity them because they will have a heavy burden on the Day of Judgement they will have a painful torment unless they make tawba. Verily, Allah is the turner of the hearts.

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