1. There have lately been a lot of deaths from amongst our brothers and sisters.
    Everyone will taste death. You hear about death many times. The reminders of death benefit the believers.

    Hasan al basri said what means that may Allaah have mercy upon the one who has prepared for this day by working righteous actions and living a life of obedience. He said addressing his brothers that today we have the ability to carry out actions that which the brothers in the graves are not able to do.
    So then give importance to your health and free time before death comes and before the reckoning.

    We need to reflect upon these words. Attending the funerals is a reminder for the believers.

    The Prophet (peace be upon Him) said what means that we must visit the graves because it reminds us of the hereafter. It reminds us to make greater effort and strive for what is to come after death.

    The idle person becomes active by way of the reminders and Allaah’s tawfeeq.

    Ibn mas’ood said what means that he disliked to see a man who is idle and that he does not do the actions of the dunya nor the actions of the hereafter.

    Working righteous actions and working for sustenance was the way of the companions.

    Ibn mas’ood said what means that he would regret that the sun would set over him and he did not increase in the actions he was already doing.

    The question is, are we acting and reflecting upon what we have read from the narrations. Is death changing our lives or do we just live day to day normally?

    Allaah swore by time and said that everyone is in loss except those who work righteous actions and are patient upon that. So the intent of this khutbah and burying our deceased is that we change our lives.

    We must not delay what we are about to do. We must not delay our righteous actions. Ne excuses. It is time for now. Don’t waste time. Time wasting is a door opener for the shaytaan. How do you know you will live to see tomorrow?

    Hasan al basri has some tremendous statements. He said what means that the world is 3 days. That which passed yesterday and what was in it is gone. And perhaps you will not even see tomorrow. And you have today. So look to what your doing today. The past is gone. The future is not a guarantee. We must strive hard in the present. We should not delay such that we regret later.

    We must not be those people about whom Allaah says that when death comes to them, they will ask Allaah to take them back to the worldly life so that they may do righteous actions which they left. But these are just mere words. The time has already passed by. So What are we waiting for?

    Are we waiting for that time that we will plead to Allaah this way?

    What are we waiting for?

    Once death comes, there is no charity that can be done!

    Are we waiting for the angel of death to come?

    Are we waiting up until we will see the hellfire? Is that what it takes to wake us up? Is the sight of the hellfire needed for us to remove our doubts?!

    Allaah says in the Qur’an that when we will be brought forth in front of hell, we will say “Woe be to us”. Then we will wish to return to the world and be amongst the believers.

    Should we wait for the day until we meet our Lord?

    When we will be brought to stand forth in front of Allaah, we will be asked if this was not the truth. Then the people will try to reason. Then Allaah will ask us to taste the punishment because this is what we used to deny. Is this what we are waiting for? We need to wake up brothers. Wallaahi we do not know when death will come.

    Allaah has been merciful to us. He has sent us a messenger (peace be upon Him) to guide us to happiness in this life and the next. Ibnul Qayyim mentioned that the biggest game a person can have in this life is that he works righteous actions and he uses the time to benefit his soul. He mentions how can a person of intellect sell out his hereafter for a pleasure that is so short! This is stupidity and foolishness.

    We ask Allaah that He makes us of those people that when they hear, they reflect and act upon the haqq. When we fall short, we must turn back to Allaah. We must keep turning back to Allaah in repentance and forgiveness. If the repentance is accepted, we are successful.


    If we knew the time when our soul would be taken, we would only work righteous actions. We would not forsake the house of Allaah. A mosque is a place that protects the person. It is a place that if we attended, there is much reward. The mosque is the house of Allaah. It will benefit us.

    The Prophet (peace be upon Him) mentioned what means that the one who comes and prays fajr and then he remains seated in his place, remembering Allaah up until the sun rises and then he prays 2 rak’ah, then he will have the reward of a hajj and a‘umrah, a complete hajj and ‘umrah and He mentioned it 3 times.

    Likewise the Prophet (peace be upon Him) mentioned in an authentic hadeeth what means that the one who makes wudoo’ and comes to the mosque and prays in congregation, he will have 25 times the reward. Some narrations mention 27.

    The one who perfects the wudoo’ perfectly and goes to the mosque will get a reward for every step he takes along with a sin being expiated. The person will be raised in his rank and his level. The angels will make dua’a for the person. The person who waits in the mosque from one salah to the next, it is as if he is in salah and while he is in salah, he will receive blessings and the angels make dua’a for him as indicated to by the Prophet (peace be upon Him).

    There is reward in learning from the lessons in the mosques of the sunnah. The mosques are places where we can learn about our religion.

    The Prophet (peace be upon Him) said what means that whoever comes to the mosque intending good, wanting to learn or to teach, he will have the reward of a complete hajj.

    Finally, on the day of resurrection when everyone will need Allaah’s mercy, when mankind will only be thinking about themselves, we should not regret because of the time we wasted in the dunya. We should not buckle down because of family or societal pressure. This is something which will harm us on that day. On the day of resurrection, our families won’t aid us. We sacrifice for them in this life and compromise the religion; they will forsake us on that day.

    The Prophet (peace be upon Him) mentioned what means that 7 will be in the shade of Allaah. There is no shade except His shade on that day. From them is one who’s heart is connected to the mosque. It is never too late while we are still alive. There is always time to change and better ourselves. The house of Allaah is an excellent place for working righteous actions.

  2. Suhanallah, this khutbah really touch me. I pray to Allah to forgive and bless me and all of the brothers and sisters who work at Salafisound and the ummah as a whole. Ameen.

  3. Allahu akbar a heart shaking khutbah with many admonishing and advice to do righteous actions such as being attached to the masjid and its benefits. May Allah reward the brother for this and writes it for him into the scale of his good deeds and may He helps us all to change for the better before it’s too late.

  4. Jazakallahu khayran for this immense reminder. One that i was so in need of. May Allah reward the brothers at salafisounds ameen.

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